Revit MEP 2D Drafting Course Outline

The Revit MEP 2D Drafting course is a perfect Introduction to the Revit world and is a great steppingstone for those not quite ready to jump directly into full 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows. This 1 Day training course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Annotation tools in Revit, focusing on MEP. The course will cover basic tools and techniques for drafting and annotation, including creating schematics and single line diagrams, detail lines, symbols, text and dimension styles, filled regions, tags, masking regions, callouts, grid lines, drafting views, and legend views. The course will also cover importing and exporting AutoCAD DWG files and creating a basic title block.

Session 1 – Introduction

  1. Run through of the Revit interface (quick overview)
    1. Ribbon tools/buttons/dock-able windows
    2. Terminology
    3. Basic 2D Navigation

Recap / Questions

Session 2 – Overview of Drafting Tools

  1. Run through Annotate Tab (preview)
  2. Run through Modify Tab (preview)
  3. Schematic Views (preview teaser)

Recap / Questions

Session 3 – Annotation Tools

  1. Run through of the Annotate Tab (in detail)
    1. Dimension styles
    2. Text styles
    3. Filled Region
    4. Masking Region
    5. Detail Lines
    6. Detail items
    7. Detail Groups
    8. Symbols

Recap / Questions

Session 4 – Modify Tools

  1. Run through the modify tab main tools (in detail)
    1.  Move
    2. Copy
    3. Rotate
    4. Mirror
    5. Offset
    6. Trim/Extend
    7. Align

Recap / Questions

Session 5 – Drafting Settings

  1. Line Weights
  2. Line Patterns & Line Styles
  3. Fill Patterns
  4. Object Styles (Annotation Objects)
  5. Visibility Graphics

Recap / Questions

Session 6 – 2D Views

  1. Drafting views
  2. Schematics & Single Line Diagram views

Exercise – create a schematic view

Create a detail item e.g. Pump

  1. Importing AutoCAD DWG
    1. Overriding CAD layers
    2. Turning on/off
    3. Changing colour etc.
  2. Legend Views

Recap / Questions

Session 7 – Output/Sheets

  1. Sheet Views
  2. Create a basic title block
  3. Place a Drafting View on Sheet
  4. Exporting CAD files
  5. Printing

Recap / Questions

Extra topics (if time)

  1. Call outs
  2. Tags
  3. Create a tag
  4. Gridlines
  5. End

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