BIM-MEPAUS Community

BIM-MEPAUS is an industry initiative.

Since inception, numerous organisations from across the building and construciton supply chain have participated in consultation meetings, workshops, and user groups sessions to support the development process of BMA practices and specifications.

The organisations listed in the industry section of the website have demonstrated capabilities in the delivery of BIM-MEPAUS models and workflows, and included representatives from:

  • Clients and Owners
  • Designers and Consultants
  • Head Contractors
  • Specialist Building Services Contractors
  • Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Specialist Fabricators

The AMCA and BIM-MEPAUS would like to thank all organisations and individuals who assist and support the BIM-MEPAUS initiative.

Active BIM-MEPAUS customers realise significant benefits from using a common industry based standard when sharing project models and consistent data sets with other organisations. Adhering to a common standard expands their network of organisations they able to work and do business with.

Suppliers and Manufacturers

Please visit our Manufacturers Content page to see the extensive list of organisations supplying MEP Content to the industry.