Airside Systems

Airside Systems comprise all air handling systems for air conditioning and ventilation.

The following key points are noted in relation to the airside specifications:

  • The system naming convention has been aligned as far as possible with AS1668.
  • However, it has not been possible to align fully the naming convention across all relevant standards and industry practices; therefore, some decisions have been made to remove confusion. For example, between the use of RA for Return Air and/or Relief Air.
  • The aim is that design modellers will model air side systems using the required ductwork material, pressure rating and insulation selections to assure dimensional coordination ratings and accurate take-offs using Revit MEP.

The proper use of the BIM-MEPAUS template add-in constructible ductwork libraries are key to the Ductwork Design-to-Fabrication Workflow.

Equipment Specifications

Plant Specifications

System Specifications 

Note: Fire resistance systems including fire resistance wraps and sprays are nominated in the BIM-MEPAUS Fire Rated Ductwork Systems Specification.