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Fabrication Content

The BIM-MEPAUS Fabrication services database has been developed extensively by tier one organisations to provide an Australian industry standard fabrication workflow, which helps to reduce time and cost overheads associated with customisation. The content is built to Australian standards and applicable construction standards, to provide propriety manufacture accurate content.

Following the industry standard Design to Fabrication workflow and use of the BIM-MEPAUS Fabrication services content will help by providing consistency between organisations, expand each organisations collaborative network and reduce shop drawing drafting and modelling time, plus reduce data entry requirements during fabrication operations.

The BIM-MEPAUS Fabrication services content is an extensive library with Airside, Mechanical Piping and Electrical Containment services.

BIM-MEPAUS Airside fabrication content is made up of:

  • Over 40 different services
  • Rectangular ductwork and fittings
  • Round ductwork and fittings
  • Oval ductwork and fittings
  • Various other miscellaneous fittings and components
  • Hangers and Dampers

BIM-MEPAUS Mechanical Piping fabrication content is made up of:

  • 68 different services
  • Copper B pipework and fittings
  • Carbon Steel pipework and fittings
  • Stainless Steel pipework and fittings
  • Many other components

BIM-MEPAUS Electrical Containment fabrication content is made up of:

  • 14 different services, including Metal, Fire Rated and Fibre Reinforced Plastic options
  • Cable Tray and fittings
  • Cable Basket and fittings
  • Cable Ladder and fittings
  • Hanger support

BMA Fabrication Content Updates Sep 2021

BMA Fabrication Content Updates Apr 2022

BMA Fabrication Content Updates Apr 2023