There are a number of BIM-to-Field Workflows that can be leveraged through a BIM-MEPAUS constructible model created through the virtual build process.

BIM to Field Workflows form a closed loop and develop the model from LOD 400 through to a completed LOD 500 model through the upload of key site extracted data.

The three most important workflows are:

  • Site Layout
  • Field Commissioning
  • Programming and Progress Tracking

Site Layout is now well established within the Revit modelling environment and relies on accurate manufacturer’s geometry and constructible Revit modelling practices.

The development of an effective system to allow site teams to report site installation and reporting progress is still to be established; however the requirements for this high leverage workflow are being developed.

BIM enabled field commissioning is reliant on design values that are incorporated in the BIM-MEPAUS Manufacturer’s Certified Models shared parameter schedules. The commissioning schedules are based on statutory manufacturers’ and commissioning authority bodies.

Design parameters are extracted from the model and are pushed out to mobile devices that the technicians can then use to record results achieved and then upload back into the model.