The Design to Commissioned As-Built Workflow is based on the progressive development and refinement of the Revit MEP Services Model:

The Design Model incorporates constructible systems modelled through the use of the Autodesk Revit BIM-MEPAUS Template Add-In and Generic MEP content. A key requirement is the discipline of constructible systems modelling that sees designers model systems in the required service specification for the application. The completed systems incorporate generic plant, equipment and fitting Generic MEP content that can be downloaded from the BIM-MEPAUS subscriber website and is suitable for modelling up to and including LOD 300.

The Design Model forms the commencement point for the constructor’s virtual build process in which plant, equipment and fittings are changed out for Manufacturer’s Certified model MEP content and the construction, value engineering and coordination processes are completed.

The LOD 400 model represents the completion of the virtual build process and delivers the construction platform on which a wide range of construction activities can be driven including:

  • Site Layout
  • Field BIM
  • Fabrication
  • Procurement
  • Installation scheduling and tracking.

The LOD 500 model is generated by uploading final commissioning and field data to generate an accurate commissioned as-built model with minimal rework of the LOD 400 model. In this workflow, no modelling is discarded or data re-entered and, at all points, the project model represents the single point of truth for project data related to geometry and technical schedules.