BIM-MEPAUS provides standards, schemas and specifications that are used to generate the BIM-MEPAUS Revit MEP Template Add-in and the BIM-MEPAUS models for generic design, manufacturers and fabrication content.

The aim is to provide the Australian Construction Industry with a best-of-breed National BIM template that supports designers, constructors and ultimately facility Managers to leverage BIM and IPD.

BIM-MEPAUS specifications detail the technical parameters as well as basic modelling requirements to generate Revit MEP models and content.

BIM-MEPAUS aims to comply as far as practical with other relevant standards and schemas in common use and aligns with the following standards and guidelines as far as practical:

  • The National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards;
  • Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards;
  • NATSPEC National BIM Guide and Specifications;and
  • Autodesk Revit Modelling Guidelines.

Specifications are generally of three types:

  • Naming and Colour Schemas;
  • System Specifications; and
  • Plant, Equipment and Fitting Specifications.

Specifications have been developed with the support of industry including many of Australia’s leading BIM practitioners from design firms and contractors as well as suppliers and specialist sub-contractors. The specifications meet the needs of all stakeholders involved in project design and delivery as well as the supply chain. BIM-MEPAUS  gratefully acknowledges these contributions.

Included within the specifications are supporting reference guidelines and notes which are intended to assist designers and modellers to create models which are fit-for-purpose.

Specifications are published as free issue, however copyright remains with BIM-MEPAUS  and the specifications or content may not be republish in part or whole without the written permission of BIM-MEPAUS.