Design-to-Fabrication workflows convert constructible Revit content to manufacturing and fabrication required file formats.

There are three main types of services that use Design to Fabrication workflows:

  • Piping
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical Containment

For piping systems Revit constructible content can be used to generate accurate pipework spool documentation and supporting fitting procurement schedules.

The complexities associated with ductwork manufacturing mean that it is necessary to convert the Revit Constructible Revit ductwork families into Fabrication file formats that can be read by manufacturing equipment such as plasma cutters and coil line machines. The effectiveness and reliability of this process is significantly improved through the development of standardised duct fittings that incorporate relevant Australian ductwork manufacturing standards.

In addition, significant development work was undertaken to ensure that Revit based families represent in 2D layout views such that they can provide adequate detailing and information required for site installation and commissioning activities.

 BIM-MEPAUS has conducted extensive work to improve the effectiveness of the ductwork Design to Fabrication Workflow has been performed to ensure the workflow is seamless.