Smarter Asset Management for Property Owners and Facility Managers


3 September 2018

Carl Agar | Senior Consultant – Assets and Facilities | A.G. Coombs

There is growing demand from property owners and facility managers to produce accurate plans and projection of maintenance and capital replacement costs. Developments in digital information technology are supporting this demand, however present a new challenge of managing and making effective use of the huge volumes of data being generated.

The key to providing better insight into managing assets is achievable with effective use of analytic tools and a detailed analytical approach to asset management, based on historical maintenance records combined with precise assessments of environmental and operational conditions. This approach is particularly powerful in planning for capital replacements in properties that have an intended operational life that is well beyond the expected life of the plant installed.

Carl Agar will demonstrate how this analytical approach is successful with examples of asset planning in unique buildings – including a landmark Commonwealth property which has a projected life of 200 years and houses operations that are very difficult to accommodate whilst renovations are in progress – at this year’s Construction Innovation Forum.

Carl is a senior consultant with A.G. Coombs Advisory. With over 35 years’ industry experience Carl is responsible for the provision of advice to clients on a range of facilities management related issues including asset management, commissioning, building tuning and service management and the adoption of leading edge technologies to optimise building operation and maintenance. Carl’s experience also encompasses the asset management field, with over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry implementing service and asset management systems for a diverse range of clients including QANTAS, Telstra and Macquarie Bank.

This year’s forum is at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – 23 – 24 August.



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