TA Hydronics is the leading global provider and expert in hydronic distribution systems (HVAC) and room temperature control. For nearly 100 years Reece has provided products and a dedicated service to Australia’s plumbers. The Reece business began in 1919 when Harold Joseph Reece commenced selling hardware products from the back of his truck. The first Reece Plumbing store commenced operations in 1920 in Caulfield, Victoria, trading under the name “HJ Reece”. In 1922 Reece was incorporated as a proprietary limited company and in 1954 was listed on the Melbourne Stock Exchange. Since the 1990’s Reece has diversified its products and services to meet the needs of an increasingly specialised plumbing and building industry. In addition to its nationwide network of Branches, the company now comprises specialised businesses in strategically placed locations throughout Australia to service the specific requirements of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, irrigation, volume home builders, civil works and major building development. Reece hvac-r – provides a specialised service supporting mechanical services contractors, mechanical engineers, plumbers and design consultants involved in commercial and domestic Heating / Ventilation / Air-conditioning and Refrigeration projects such as multi-storey developments, retail complexes and hospitals.