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Revit Template

The industry standard BIM-MEPAUS Revit Template provides the perfect starting environment for projects. The BIM-MEPAUS Template saves significant time and costs in individual or organisation specific Revit template customisation. Adopting the industry standard allows project teams to share models and data much more effectively through a consistent approach to digitalising products and Asset Information Requirements. A consistent methodology helps all project partners to quickly interpret each-others models and data.

The industry standard BIM-MEPAUS Revit Template allows for improved project coordination, less waste and ultimately, less rework. Spatial aspects are included for service access and clash detection purposes while providing the ability to build a constructible Revit model to meet higher LOD requirements on projects. Ready to use objects will reduce modelling, drafting, and shop drawing detailing time.

The BIM-MEPAUS Template contains:

  • Duct systems and duct fittings for rectangular, round and oval ductwork.
  • Pipe systems and pipe fittings
  • Cable containment systems and fittings for tray, basket and ladder -with built in clearance zones, plus Conduit systems.
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The BIM-MEPAUS Template is developed according to:

  • BIM-MEPAUS Standards and Specification
  • Input from BIM-MEPAUS User Groups
  • MEP Industry input
  • Client feedback

The BIM-MEPAUS Template provides the industry with a level of consistency and reduced project setup and customisation to assist in more efficient BIM delivery. The BIM-MEPAUS Template is designed to either complement your current Autodesk Revit Template or use as starting point for complete Revit implementation program.

The increased functionality in the BIM-MEPAUS Template has been developed with significant industry contributions and has been reviewed to provide you with increased efficiency in the delivery of BIM projects.

BMA Revit Template Updates Apr 2022

BMA Revit MEP Template Updates Apr 2023