Pre-fabrication, Procurement and Tracking Direct From BIM



3 September 2018

Todd Liebbe | President | GTP Services

Andy Robins | Software Development Consultant | GTP Services

Pre-fabrication, Procurement and Tracking Direct From BIM

To demonstrate how organisations can leverage BIM to become more lean, efficient and productive, Autodesk bring Todd Liebbe and Andy Robins from GTP Services to the Construction Innovation 2018 Forum.

The GTP Services application STRATUS, powered by Forge provides a premiere Virtual Design and Construction solution using Autodesk BIM 360 to leverage the building model for work planning, shop fabrication, pre-fabrication, procurement, field installation, tracking, and more.

STRATUS connects the office to the shop, to the field with order definitions, shop fabrication tools, and field installation and tracking tools, all leveraging the investment in BIM at the front end of the project.

The application delivers a model-based work planning experience, via intelligent work breakdown filtering, while the Forge 3D Viewer allows the model to be taken off the detailers desktop and made available in a webpage, this opens opportunities for collaboration with team members who have traditionally worked off paper drawings or static PDFs. STRATUS eliminates 15% of dimension detailing work. It sends cut lists for hanger components, conduit, pipe, and duct accessories directly to the TigerStop tool in the shop. The time savings for implementing STRATUS and TigerStop for cutting pipe have been reported as taking a per cut time of more than 1 minute down to about 5 seconds per cut.

Todd Liebbe has 30 years’ experience in the mechanical construction market. After completing his engineering degree at Iowa State University, Todd began his career at QuickPen. Todd’s next stop was serving as Vice President at Quote Software before he started Get the Point, where he was instrumental in designing the innovative solution for layout which was purchased by Autodesk in 2012 and is now known as Autodesk BIM 360 Point Layout.  These solutions have changed the way the industry does layout.  He now assists Autodesk with the Skilled Trades Program.  As President of GTP Services LLC, Todd has been on the forefront of Estimating, CAD, and Robotic Total Station solutions.  He now wants to help provide a pathway for the Mechanical, Electrical, and Sheet Metal contractors in the areas of prefabrication and procurement. His team has developed applications based on Autodesk’s Revit for DeWalt (HangerWorks) and GTP (WireWorks). GTP are also ‘Autodesk Forge’ and ‘Building Industry’ partners.

Todd will be joined by Andy Robins. With over 27 years’ experience in software development in the MEP sector, Andy was heavily involved in the development of the MAP Software product line which focused on fabrication from the onset. Prior to the MAP Software acquisition Andy played a major role in the product development of the renowned CAD-Duct and CADmep+ (now Autodesk Fabrication CADmep) AutoCAD-based applications, taking its development from a ‘2D Lisp’ based program to a full 3D c++ ObjectARX application. While spending 6 years with Autodesk as the software development manager his responsibilities included bringing Fabrication workflows into the Revit environment, utilising the customer’s existing Fabrication databases and protecting content investments. Currently Andy is consulting with GTP to extend Fabrication workflows from Desktop to shop and field utilising cutting edge technologies based on the Fabrication data and the Forge platform.

This year’s forum is at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – 23 – 24 August.



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