National BIM Report 2012

The UK NBS National BIM Survey was completed in late 2011 by nearly 1,000 construction professionals representing a range of business sizes and disciplines from across the industry including architecture, engineering and surveying.

Highlights of the findings include:

  • 78% agree the BIM is the future of project information, though how that future will look is uncertain, with 4 out of five agreeing that the industry is not yet clear enough of what BIM actually is;
  • almost a third (31%) of construction professionals are now using BIM – up from 13% in 2010;
  • three quarters of those construction professionals currently aware of BIM predict they will be using it on some projects by the end of 2012, and almost 19 out of 20 people expect to be using it in five years’ time; and
  • more than 80% agreed BIM increases the coordination of construction documents, with 65% of those using the technology saying BIM delivered cost efficiencies.

A copy of the NBS National BIM Survey is accessible here

In the Australian Context, most new large projects are now being specified for BIM implementation and delivery of an As-Built BIM Model. Construction coordination and model development will be in Revit and be managed by a BIM Coordinator likely a mechanical contractor. BIM Capability will become a point of differentiation.