Leveraging Digital Enablement to Improve Asset Management Outcomes at Cross River Rail

Andrew Curthoys,
Digital Relationships Manager at Cross River Rail.

Construction Innovation Forum
Cross River Rail is a transformational project which will shape Brisbane and Southeast Queensland for decades to come. In the last two years, Cross River Rail’s development and application of 3D digital visualisation has not only set new benchmarks for how major infrastructure projects are delivered in Queensland but has also been recognised globally.

More importantly, these innovations steered the team through a critical ‘year of tunneling’ in 2021. Helping the Delivery Authority complete six kilometres of twin tunnels under Brisbane and commence work on the construction of 15 separate train stations.

At the core of ‘Project DNA’ is a commitment to maintaining a unique Common Data Environment (CDE) – where integration of multiple Building Information Modelling (BIM) data sets, custom made Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and powerful 3D visualisation (VIS) tools are realised.
The construction problems overcome are innumerable, including early identification of design issues, reconciliation across multiple major works packages, ability to brief stakeholders effectively, and overcoming environmental issues by being able to travel through as-yet built environments, first-person and at scale.

Project DNA has given the team at Cross River Rail a unique and powerful understanding of the infrastructure being delivered, has saved millions of dollars in the cost for 3D images and videos alone, and has helped the project teams solve problems and arrive at decisions faster and with greater efficiency, on a daily basis.

At the very heart of Project DNA is a drive to make every aspect of what the team builds easier to see, easier to track, easier to understand, and easier to interact with.