Lean BIM Execution Plans



30 July 2018

Technological Advances and Process Improvements to Drive Efficiencies

Efficiencies in construction are vital to meet client expectations and maintain competitive advantage. As delivery programs are becoming leaner, execution of efficient BIM processes at all project phases is essential.

Experts in BIM technology and process improvement, Daniel Maddocks and Stirling Ashby from Benmax Group will deliver a practical insight into Lean BIM Execution Plans at the upcoming Construction Innovation 2018 Forum.

While every project and project team is unique, the process required to achieve compact deadlines needs to be customised to suit both the project and the project team. Breaking the shackles of traditional weekly coordination cycles, reporting regimes and multiple file format uploads should be considered where pertinent. Genuine balance between transparency (to builder/client), a focused and functional BIM project team and real outcomes are achievable outside of established models.

Continuous Improvement drives long term gains by reducing or eliminating waste through unnecessary, repetitive or time-consuming tasks. Technology has the ability to drive our industry and bring efficiency gains that we all desire. Daniel and Stirling will demonstrate how the juncture of these two elements produces benefits by assisting clients to leverage technology in the automation of routine tasks, allowing teams to focus on more creative problem-solving to enhance results.

As Group ICT Platform Manager at Benmax Group, Daniel is responsible for overseeing and guiding the group’s quality effort and has first-hand experience in reconciling the differences between taking an innovative approach whilst also applying consistent quality processes.

Stirling is BIM Manager at Benmax Group, and is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable BIM strategist, and his aim is to give construction teams the ability to do a better job through developing pragmatic BIM that adds value. With qualifications and experience in industrial design and mechanical installation, Stirling has developed a close appreciation of the challenges and interfaces between different building phases.

Daniel and Stirling will be joined at the Forum by the world’s leading thought practitioners as they provide insight into the ways leading BIM firms such as Benmax are implementing the latest technological innovations to deliver more efficient and accurate best practice solutions in the building and construction industry.

This year’s forum is at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – 23 – 24 August.

Tickets are available at www.bimmepaus.com.au



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