Dr Alasdair MacDonald confirmed presenter

The Project Board is pleased to announced that Dr Alasdair MacDonald is confirmed to participate at the  forum. Dr Alasdair MacDonald is Director of Strategic Innovation for Balfour Beatty Group. Dr MacDonald has experience developing and implementing innovation, performance, operational and engagement processes in the UK and Australian Infrastructure, Transport and Water Industry. Dr MacDonald has developed the Research and Development Framework for the UK Highways Agency £30m p.a. R&D Programme, created the successful innovation approach adopted on the award winning Heathrow Terminal 2B project, and designed the collaboration approach for the £3bn Essex County Council Highways Tender. Dr MacDonald holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, a PhD in Organisational Performance Management and is a visiting fellow at the University of Bristol.

Head contractors’ have a very strong focus for the presentations this year. Leveraging from technology platforms supporting integrated project delivery is the future of documenting projects which are greatly more constructible and easier to deliver with lower project time, quality and cost risks.