Delivering on the Value of Digital Twins with Autodesk Tandem

Bob Bray,
Senior Director and General Manager at Autodesk Tandem.

Construction Innovation Forum.
You’ve no doubt heard digital twin technology being talked about as the next leap forward in the AEC industry. How it could make your job easier, your customers happier, and fundamentally change the way people interact with the buildings of tomorrow. 

Finding a true digital replica today, however, is rare. Creating one is still a manual, expensive, and highly bespoke process. 

So where does the answer lie?

How can digital twins be more accessible, and the process of creating one, be made highly repeatable for AEC professionals?

Autodesk Tandem™ is a cloud-based solution that allows you to do just that. With it, architects, engineers, and construction firms can harness the BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes and data they’re already familiar with and start their digital twin journey.

As the technology progresses, Autodesk will build on Tandem, using input from the AEC industry. The idea is that project teams will be among the first to deliver greater value to their Owner/Operator customers, through the delivery of operationally ready, data-rich digital twins at the project handover stage.