Building Information Modelling Boosts Australian Prosperity

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said BIM’s 3D building modelling technology helps builders and owners make the best financial and environmental management decisions over the life of a commercial building.

“I am pleased the Built Environment Industry Innovation Council commissioned this study, which they will use to encourage the building industry to become more productive and innovative,” Senator Carr said.

“BIM is becoming widely used overseas. The report is an important step in promoting its use in Australia where our building network sector accounts for about 12 per cent of Australia’s total production – around $355 billion – and employs about one-eighth of Australia’s workforce.

“Widespread adoption of BIM will result in cleaner, healthier buildings – both new and renovated – with improvements in material consumption, energy efficiency, carbon emissions and the productivity of occupants. On average, an owner could save up to 10 per cent on the cost of their building.”

The report follows the appointment of a Built Environment Supplier Advocate in February and the recent release of the BEIIC’s Recommendations Report into ways of increasing our global competitiveness in the built environment sector.