BMA News – March 2019

BIM-MEPAUS Launch New Data Management Tool

We are excited to announce a major step forward for managing project and asset data – The new BIM-MEPAUS shared parameter page contains a list of standardised parameters established through the BMA industry workshops.

The shared parameter website is ultimately designed to serve three sets of users:

  • Project and component specification authors;
  • Revit modellers; and
  • Data Managers and analysts working off the model.

To cater for these groups, a range of filters have been provided that allow searches by:

  • Project Schedules – to help define and communicate project requirements
  • BMA defined shared parameter Groups – for easy selection of shared parameters within the text file
  • Data Type – to select parameters by ‘Discipline’ and ‘the Type of Parameter’.

Parameters will be progressively added by BIM-MEPAUS through the development of new component specifications and user proposals. The Shared Parameter text file for Revit will be updated with each version release of the BIM-MEPAUS Revit MEP Template Add-in.

For comments in relation to published shared parameters and proposals for new shared parameters, please submit these via the Comments and Proposals page.

The BIM-MEPAUS Shared Parameter Guideline provides detailed guidance in relation to the rules BIM-MEPAUS uses to name and manage shared parameters. We’ve also put a simple user guide together to help first time users navigate the shared parameter webpage.

The full BIM-MEPAUS Shared Parameter text file is available to subscribers for download.

BIM-MEPAUS Sydney Function

Thank you to those who attended our recent function in Sydney – it was great to reconnect with friends and hear the positive feedback on the direction AMCA and BIM-MEPAUS are taking to help drive construction innovation through standardised modelling and data management. Keep and eye out for events coming up in Melbourne and Auckland soon!