BMA News – June 2019


We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback with respect to the recently launched BIM-MEPAUS Parameter and Data Management Tool, which provides a single point of truth for BIM-MEPAUS parameters and a CDE (Common Data Environment) for building services and the AEC industry. The value of a structured and consistent approach to shared parameters together with the data workflow reliability benefits from a single point of truth is evident.

To continue development and provide additional value, we have added the next batch of parameters.

For those new to the tool, the parameter and data management tool contains a list of standardised parameters established through the BIM-MEPAUS industry workshops. It provides open access to the parameter names plus other important parameter attributes – subscribers can download the BIM-MEPAUS Revit text file including GUIDs. The tool aims to serve three sets of users:

  • Project and component specification authors;
  • Revit modellers; and
  • Data Managers and analysts working off the model.

To improve usability, we’ve added a ‘search by parameter name’ function to compliment the following range of filters:

  • Project Schedules – to help define and communicate project requirements
  • BMA defined shared parameter Groups – for easy selection of shared parameters within the text file
  • Revit Data Types – to select parameters by ‘Discipline’ and ‘the Type of Parameter’ assisting measurement units

The Shared Parameter text file for Revit will be updated with each version release of the BIM-MEPAUS Revit MEP Template Add-in. For comments in relation to published shared parameters and proposals for new shared parameters, please submit these via the Comments and Proposals page. The full BIM-MEPAUS Shared Parameter text file is available to subscribers for download.