BIM-MEPAUS Team Up With Virtual Buildings Information System!

We are very excited to announce another piece to the puzzle for the BIM‑MEPAUS initiative to support facilities and asset management by teaming up with Virtual Buildings Information System (VBIS). Attend this year’s Construction Innovation Forum to learn more.

Industry Issue

There remains a significant gap between the models and data sets being used for construction and the hand-over of useful information to facility managers. There is also a functional disconnect between the modelling and the data set content that is useful to facility managers such as operating and maintenance procedures, technical data sheets, schedules of equipment, commissioning and warranty information.

As a consequence, digital models and their associated data sets are significantly under-utilised post construction and their potential to support improved ongoing facility management, operation and maintenance is largely unrealised.

Industry Solution

The AMCA through the BIM-MEPAUS initiative has formed a partnership with Virtual Buildings Information System (VBIS) to address the need of referencing and linking digital models for facility management related information and thereby providing a practical means to draw useful data from construction into the facility management environment.

The VBIS codes used to support this work are vendor agnostic and flexible to support transportability between any client maintenance software package and application. Industry recognises the critical importance of this approach and therefore it has aligned this work with the recently released Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS).

At this year’s forum we will advise delegates how this work aligns to address the needs of clients embracing the VBIS codes.

About VDAS

The new Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) aims to improve the way infrastructure projects are defined, delivered and maintained.

About VBIS

The Virtual Buildings Information System (VBIS) facilitates transfer of valuable information from digital construction processes to building owners and facility managers. Developed inline with the Victorian Government’s VDAS and significant assistance from the Victorian Government’s Future Industries Sector Growth Program, VBIS is based on an open syntax standard that will be freely available to the market.


BIM-MEPAUS was conceived by and is currently managed through the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA).

BIM-MEPAUS  aims to provide the Australian Construction Industry with a best-of-breed National BIM practice that supports designers, constructors and ultimately Facility Managers to leverage BIM and IPD.