BMA News – April 2019

BIM-MEPAUS Release New Discipline and Roles Guideline

The new BIM-MEPAUS ‘Discipline and Roles’ guideline provides project teams and asset/facility managers with a framework of disciplines and roles that can be used to define and coordinate design services, work packages and BIM models as well as document collaboration and contract administration workflows.

The framework extends to include asset life cycle management roles and responsibilities.

The development of the guideline has involved an extensive review of cloud collaboration platforms, project management and BIM management execution plans, asset/facility property management plans and Australian Standards. It is thought to be the most comprehensive framework of its type.

We welcome your feedback and contributions to further development of this guideline.

BIM-MEPAUS Shared Parameters

Last month we launched the new shared parameter webpage providing a single point of truth for BIM-MEPAUS shared parameters and an AEC CDE (Common Data Environment). There has been overwhelming support from industry for this new tool – the value of a structured and consistent approach to shared parameters together with the data workflow reliability benefits from a single point of truth are becoming evident. This week we will be adding more new parameters including those needed for pumps and fan families. We are looking to add between 50-100 new shared parameters each month this year.

The shared parameter table provides open access to the shared parameter names plus other important parameter attributes – users can download the GUIDs. We recommend you visit the webpage to understand the features of the new shared parameter resource, including various search functions.

BIM-MEPAUS Canberra Function

Thank you to those who attended our function in Canberra – it was great to reconnect with friends and hear the positive feedback on the direction AMCA and BIM-MEPAUS are taking to help drive construction innovation through standardised modelling and data management. Keep and eye out for events coming up in Melbourne and Auckland soon!