BIM-MEPAUS Revit add-in live demonstrations

After 18 months of development the BIM-MEPAUS Revit add-in software will be released on 1 April 2012. The software consists of customised Autodesk Revit MEP templates, schedules and content which are tailored to the BIM-MEPAUSstandards and protocols.
Brisbane 16 April 2012: KarelCAD Brisbane Head Office, Brisbane Tech Park, 62 Brandl Street, Eight Mile Plains

Sydney 17 April 2012: SMC Conference & Function Centre, 66 Goulburn Street, Sydney

Adelaide 18 April 2012: Mecure Grosvenor Hotel, 125 North Terrace, Adelaide

Melbourne 19 April 2012: Clarion Suites Gateway, 1 William Street, Melbourne

There are two events proposed in all four cities outlining the benefits of software demonstrations to Head Contractors, Building Services MEP Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturers.

Event 1: Head Contractors, Building Services MEP Consultants and Contractors (12:00-1:30pm)


  • Notwithstanding investments made to date in library and software content development, BIM-MEPAUS will significantly reduce modelling costs moving forward as a whole-of-industry effort that promotes standardisation.
  • Rather than working in a lonely BIM environment, BIM-MEPAUS will ensure that the design community has the tools necessary to support integrated project delivery and yield greater value added processes for design to fabrication.
  • Given the appetite shown to date consultants can expect clients to be requiring projects to be documented in BIM-MEPAUS moving forward.

Head contractors

  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects are more likely to be constructible and easier to deliver with lower project time, quality and cost risks.
  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects are going to be consistently documented from one project to another.
  • BIM-MEPAUS documented projects will be able to be more easily used for scheduling, cost management and sustainability.

MEP contractors’

  • BIM-MEPAUS based projects will require development of REVIT capabilities and changes to current workflows.
  • BIM-MEPAUS properly implemented will reduce your construction documentation costs.

Event 2: Suppliers and Manufacturers (4:30-6:00pm)

  • Consultants and Contractors will be required to deliver their project in a BIM environment and this will change the way suppliers and manufacturers will be engaged in the process.
  • BIM-MEPAUS will increase the ease for designers to specify products.
  • BIM-MEPAUS and managed content is the best way to build on current supplier/contractor arrangements.
  • BIM-MEPAUS and managed content BIM-MEPAUS is the lowest cost means of engaging in BIM enabled IPD based projects whilst maintaining expertise.