BIM-MEPAUS National Ductwork Specification Workgroup Debrief

Since the launch of the initiative, the AMCA has been working closely with building owners, designers, installers and the supply chain to develop standards that allow projects to leverage the power of integrated BIM workflows as well as remove waste from the supply chain.

Due to the complexities involved in ductwork design and manufacturing, one of the BIM-MEPAUS key standards is the Ductwork Specification that was first released in 2012. In response to the release of the 2012 revision to AS 4254.2 – 2012: Ductwork for air-handling systems in buildings – Part 2: Rigid duct, this specification is now under review and there is an opportunity to address a number of industry issues with the new specification update.

The workgroup aims to develop an industry agreed standard product range offering for internal insulation and facings that would assure that designers are specifying whenever possible requirements that can be efficiently and cost effectively supplied by the market. This would also play an important role in reducing risk for all stakeholders. A copy of the presentation will be available for download shortly.