We are very happy to announce a new piece to the puzzle for the BIM‑MEPAUS initiative. AMCA with our technical partners A2K Technologies bring AVAIL to BIM-MEPAUS. AVAIL is a fantastic Content Management Solution that works perfectly with Revit.

BIM-MEPAUS is a national ‘standard practice’ for BIM – specifically focusing on building services throughout the design and construction process and operation of a building.

BIM-MEPAUS develops best practice virtual design to physical construction BIM standards, for the Australian construction and building services industry through:

  • A structured and consistent approach to modelling practices and data management
  • Reliable and accurate Design to Commission As-Built and Design to Fabrication workflows
  • Industry standardisation delivering improved supply chain integration and efficiency


AVAIL is a Content Management Solution that makes it easy to find and use all your digital content. Collaborate by reusing and sharing content while deeply integrated within Revit.

The visual interface simplifies workflows and makes you and your teams more productive and your designs more robust.

Content is organised in channels. You can create your own channels or subscribe to existing ones. BIM‑MEPAUS will be available as a channel in AVAIL very soon to subscribers, alongside the content on the BIM-MEPAUS website.

And the best thing about AVAIL?

It is available as a free version and still gives you the option to subscribe to the BIM‑MEPAUS channel.


A2K Technologies will send out invitations to webinars next week, where you will learn how to get access to the BIM-MEPAUS channel, and how to use its content in Revit via the AVAIL Content Browser.

We hope to see you in the webinars!