AMCA to recommence a series of equipment model workgroups

AMCA will establish a series of equipment model workgroups. A Chiller workgroup will commence on 4 November 2011, Hydraulics workgroup on 11 November 2011, and Non-domestic Fans workgroup on 24 November 2011. A wide range of plant, equipment and fittings are used within the building services sectors and vary in their nature from large fully custom built plant items such as air handling units, through to active equipment such VAV terminals and finally mass produced fittings such as flanges and balancing valves.

The models developed for BIM-MEPAUS are intended to be collaboratively developed through industry workgroups to achieve best-of-breed quality and functionality and will incorporate:

  • technical schedules which support integrated project delivery strategies through provision of design/procurement/commissioned as-built (CAB) data sets as well as model status indication;
  • accurate fixed geometry suitable for fabrication; and
  • BIM modelling standards and system connectivity.

Models comprise two types:
BIM design models – these contain the BIM-MEPAUS design/procurement/CAB technical schedule and provide a basic range of standard generic design models covering the majority of designers requirements. A larger range of generic design models will be accessible via the BIM-MEPAUS design content site and will be developed as needed based on client and manufacturer requests through the BIM-MEPAUS software support fees. The design schedules completed during design development support extraction of specification schedules as well as system integration information such as switchboard supplies, essential safety measure identification and the like. It is expected that the design model schedules should significantly improve the quality of design technical scheduling assuring the majority of technical parameters are clearly specified.
Manufacturer’s BIM models – these will be manufacturer specific models which have both the design schedule and procurement schedule completed. Models are dimensionally accurate sufficient for shop drawing and manufacturing purposes. They will be interchangeable with the BIM Design Models but include project specific information.
The technical schedules will include a range of parameters, some of which are not-accessible and others which are defined as shared parameters – i.e. can be scheduled. This feature provides a range of benefits including:

  • Progressive development of the model technical schedule from design, through procurement to commissioned as-built.
  • BIM-MEPAUS workflow functionality.
  • Protection of the model integrity.
  • Dimensional Parameters.
  • IP and Copyright protection through protection of the manufacturer identification.

The schedules are designed to allow a range of tasks to be completed by the installing contractor including:

  • Consultant approvals.
  • Project cost management and control.
  • Shop drawing and fabrication.
  • Commissioning scheduling.
  • As-Built Documentation.

Both BIM Design and BIM Manufacturers models will be convertible to MAP models via the TSI FAB-MEPAUS software. During December 2011, workgroups for boilers and air handling units will commence.