A Preview into a Digital Industry! Real-life Examples of Digitalisation and Automation in the AEC Industry



13 June 2018

The Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) is excited to announce that Jose Oliveira, Managing Director of DiRoots will deliver a keynote speech at this year’s Construction Innovation Forum, providing an exclusive insight into the new technological industry and world that awaits us.

Jose, an enthusiastic and experienced BIM strategist based in London, will address how emerging disruptive technologies will affect our industry and society. While there is plenty of noise around major digital disruption and the fourth industrial revolution “Industry 4.0” – a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing – Jose will provide a simplified understanding to tackle the confusion and complexity surrounding the changes taking place.

In his presentation, Jose will cover some of the most important innovative solutions he’s been involved in, by providing real-life examples of the digitalisation and automation of the AEC industry and the resulting economic, social and political impact. In addition to the real-life examples of effective disruptive technology, Jose will deliver thought provoking ideas that will influence you during the digital transformation of your own business. Jose admits that while no one has all the answers during this period of rapid disturbance in the industry, he will provide his view on a key question we all ask ourselves – what’s really going to happen to our industry?

Jose’s genuine interest in the BIM field led him to research, develop and implement effective BIM strategies and workflows. He recently launched DiRoots, a BIM consultancy and digital technology company aiming to transform the AEC and manufacturers’ global communities. The vision of DiRoots is to create affordable, smart digital tools that will help designers, contractors and manufacturers disrupt and automate traditional workflows. Previous to DiRoots, he has worked as UK BIM Director at WSP and Autodesk Consulting to assist in the development and definition of the BIM guidelines for a major rail project in the Middle East. Not least, he has recently completed an MSc in BIM and Integrated Design to have a deeper and more solid understanding of BIM. Jose is a member of the CIBSE BIM and Digital Engineering steering group.

Jose will be joined at the Forum by the world’s leading thought practitioners as they provide insight into the ways leading BIM firms such as DiRoots are implementing the latest technological innovations to deliver more efficient and accurate best practice solutions in the building and construction industry.

This year’s forum is at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – 23 – 24 August.

Tickets are available at www.bimmepaus.com.au



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