Shared parameters are used to display data within a BIM model and allow the data to be exchanged with external databases via Open Database Interfaces (ODIs).

The BIM-MEPAUS website provides the reference list of system and shared parameters used within BIM-MEPAUS families and extends to include parameters that can be used to support a range of design, procurement, commissioning and asset lifecycle management tasks.

The aim of the reference list is to assure consistent shared parameters are utilized across all families and avoidance of multiple shared parameters serving the same purpose.

The shared parameter page includes a range of filters to allow specific parameters to be found based on various search criteria. It also allows users to quickly search the permitted value range or valid value set for a specific parameter.

Parameters are being progressively added by BIM-MEPAUS as needed through the development of new family specifications and user proposals. The Shared Parameter txt file is updated with each version release of the BIM-MEPAUS Revit MEP Template Add-in.

For comments in relation to published shared parameters and proposals for new shared parameters, please submit these via the Comments and Proposals page.

The BIM-MEPAUS Shared Parameter Guideline provides detailed guidance in relation to the rules BIM-MEPAUS uses to name and manage shared parameters.

BMA Shared Parameters Guideline – Feb 2019

BMA Shared Parameter List User Guide – Apr 2019