Modulex, the floor standing condensing boiler is available for both indoor and outdoor installations with unique patented features. The design of the boiler is to maximise efficiency through condensation of the flue gasses and to minimise the effects on the environment. The combination of pre-mixed radiating combustion with high turn down ratios produces unparalleled efficiency throughout the operating range of the boilers.

Modulex EXT are at the forefront of Condensing boilers. Due to the modular design huge flexibility exists. With turn down ratios ranging from 1:39 depending on the model, Modulex is sure to be able to match the varying heat load of the application. Due to the multi burner design high redundancy exists within a single boiler should any burner fault. In a fault condition the boiler will continue to operate although at reduced output.

Noise level of the largest size Modulex does not exceed 50 dba making them suitable for installation in noise sensitive areas such as Schools, Nursing Homes, Apartment Buildings etc.