BIM-MEPAUS Revit 2019 Template Released August 2019

Key Updates

  • Fire sprinkler branch take off fittings added for more accurate modelling of pap branch connections to main pipes.

o   Branch-Pap-Takeoff_BMA.rfa

o   Branch-Pap-Takeoff-BOD_BMA.rfa (with Band Outside Diameter option)

  • Updated Duct fitting – ‘Square Shoe_BMA.rfa’ to correct an error with the way it was reporting the length of the fitting.
  • Complete review of Duct fittings to ensure correct Shared Parameters are being used for tagging options.
  • Added an extensive range of detail tags for both Revit families & Fabrication Parts.
  • Assigned the ‘Label’ shared parameter to all Fabrication categories for consistency with the Revit duct and fitting families part numbering workflow.
  • Adjusted the line weight assignments for both 1:50 & 1:100 view scales for more consistency in documentation.
  • Fixed an issue with the text wrapping and overlapping in the Mechanical legend view for Revit 2017 and above.
  • Fixed an issue with the text wrapping on the BMA title blocks for Revit 2017 & above.

Download Revit files