BIM-MEPAUS Revit 2019 Template incl. Fabrication Services Released August 2019

BMA Template without Fabrication services available on request.

Key Updates

· Fixed an issue with the text elements not showing for the access panel when printing.
· Updated duct fitting ‘Square Radius Reducing Bend_BMA’ to fix an issue where the void was taking a Notch out of geometry when set as larger size.
· Updated duct fitting ‘Square Tee(Radius)_BMA’ to fix an issue where the flange geometry was displacing when set to larger width sizes.
· Updated duct fitting ‘Square Union_BMA’ & ‘Round Union_BMA’ so as both connectors are positioned on the centre line of the family. This ensures correct duct lengths are reported.
· All BMA View Templates have been reviewed and refined
· Removed all project shared parameters assigned to Mechanical Equipment. This was causing an issue where some parameter fields were displaying & Scheduling in the wrong Families
· Set the default Mark parameter for Mech Equipment back to 1.
· Update all tag families to rotate with component.
· Reviewed all the Identity Data fields for all categories. e.g. Set Created by parameter to BMA for all families within the template.
· Added BMA Fabrication Ductwork services
· Added BMA Fabrication Containment services
· Added Fabrication Containment schedule
· [Revit 2019] Colour filters for Fabrication services added based on BMA duct system colours

Download Revit files