BIM-MEPAUS Revit Template

The BIM-MEPAUS Autodesk Revit MEP Template aims to:

  • Reduce your time and cost overheads in Revit template customisation
  • Improved project coordination, less waste and less rework;
    • Standardisation of representation helps all project partners to quickly interpret each-others models
    • Spatial aspects are included for service access and clash detection purposes
  • Ability to build a constructible Revit model to meet higher LOD requirements on projects
  • Reduce drafting and modelling costs

The Template contains;

  • Duct and Ducting fittings
  • Pipe and Pipe Fittings
  • Cable Tray and Conduit
  • View Filters
  • View Templates
  • Schedules
  • Shared Parameter File
    • Subscribers receive a detailed document listing inclusions and customisation contained in the Template.

The Template is developed according to;

  • BIM-MEPAUS Standards and Specifications
  • Input from BIM-MEPAUS User Groups
  • MEP Industry input
  • Client feedback

The use of the Template provided through BIM-MEPAUS is designed to complement your current Autodesk Revit Template, providing the industry with a level of standardisation and reduced project setup and customisation to assist in more efficient BIM delivery.

Watch this short video to see the major benefits in using the BIM-MEPAUS Revit MEP Template. The increased functionality in this Template has been developed by industry contribution and has been reviewed to provide you with increased efficiency in the delivery of BIM projects.

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BIM-MEPAUS Revit Template