Manufactured by Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. — a global provider of water control systems and plumbing solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Reliance Worldwide Australia is headquartered in Brisbane, and has nationwide presence with operations in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. From the popular SharkBite®Push-fit Connection System to the advanced line of RMC water control valves, Reliance develops, assembles and delivers trusted plumbing solutions to businesses and households across Australia through these product lines and more.


Established in 1949, Reliance has grown to become a world leader in water control, measurement, infrastructure, products and services, supplying controls for hot water systems to manufacturers, plumbing distributors, government bodies, and other major industries. Our Australian-based NATA-accredited laboratory certifies final products prior to production and conducts ongoing performance and destructive testing. Accredited by Standards Australia to AS NZS ISO 9001 – 2008, all manufactured products are subject to a comprehensive quality assurance system, encompassing design, manufacturing and testing to ensure that every Reliance product is a trusted plumbing solution for years to come.

Manufacturers Content

RMC Heatguard (Insulated) Tempering Valve 15-20mm

Insulated tempering valve designed to mix hot and cold water to deliver tempered water at a constant...

RMC HeatGuard Ultra (Insulated) Tempering Valve 15-20mm

High performance and high temperature tempering valve designed to mix hot and cold water to deliver...

RMC Octave Ultrasonic Meter 50-300mm

Precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter

RMC PressureGuard Pressure Reducing Valve 15-25mm

Compact pressure reducing valve with easy adjustment and integral pressure test port

RMC SYR Pressure Reducing Valve 15-50mm

Full cartridge style pressure reducing valve with tool-free adjustment and integral pressure test...

RMC Thermal Balancing Valve 15-20mm

Automatically controls temperature in a circulating hot water system

RMC Y Strainer

Protects downstream lines from dirt and debris

RyeMetal TempShield Solar Tempering Valve 15-20mm

Tempering valve designed for solar applications

RyeMetal TempShield Tempering Valve 15-20mm

Tempering valve designed to mix hot and cold water to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature...