Manufacturer’s Certified Models

There are a number of workflows that are available for creating Manufacturer’s Certified Models with the choice of appropriate workflow determined largely by the type of component; plant, equipment or fitting.

Key points in relation to Manufacturer’s Certified Models are that:

  • They replace Manufacturer’s certified drawings and technical schedules;
  • Manufacturer’s Certified Models provide the geometry and technical data for the component to be supplied;
  • They can comprise families for fittings, but for plant and equipment are single type based families;
  • All BIM-MEPAUS  Manufacturer’s Certified Model content is sourced and/or tested for compliance against the relevant BIM-MEPAUS standards and specifications and must be in all instances fully interchangeable with BIM-MEPAUS  Generic Design Content.


Fittings are normally used to complete a system installation and are typically selected and downloaded from the BIM-MEPAUS website but may also be provided through a Manufacturer’s website. There is typically no requirement to modify the shared parameter file values for the component.


Equipment is individually designated with a component ID and is normally selected from a standard product Family which includes a range of types covering a range of capacities. Examples of equipment include VAV terminals.


Plant is selected and manufactured to meet a specific set project requirement. Plant includes items such as chillers, pumps and fans. The delivery of Manufacturer’s Content based on, and interchangeable with BIM-MEPAUS  Generic Design Content will be principally through the BIM-MEPAUS website or Manufacturer’s websites incorporating content configurators.