Generic Design and Manufacturer’s Content

BIM-MEPAUS develop both Generic Design and Manufacturer’s content. Plant, equipment and fitting content is built to BIM-MEPAUS Modelling Guidelines with regard to family naming convention, geometry, hosting and connector requirements. BIM-MEPAUS check the content is compatible and functional within the Template Add-In prior to issue.

BIM-MEPAUS Generic Design Content is created by adding the LOD 300 shared parameter schedules to the geometry. Once created this generic design content is placed on the BIM-MEPAUS  website so that it can be downloaded by subscribers.

The Generic Design Content provides a number of family types providing a representative range of sizes that are adequate for LOD 300 layout and scheduling purposes.

Prior to use on projects, it is expected that design firms will populate the families with their own, additional standard quality specification parameters to reduce the number of fields that need to be completed by the engineer or modeller each time a component is added to the model. Design firms may choose to use the BIM-MEPAUS Generic Design content without adding additional parameters if suitable to their organisation and project needs.