Day One

Time Duration  Sessions Presenter
 08:00 AM 45 min Registration
Welcome, Latest BIM-MEPAUS Developments and Keynote Address
 08:45 AM 15 min Forum Welcome Shannon Thomas
Executive Manager BIM-MEPAUS
 09:00 AM 50 min Leading the Technological Standards Agenda Warwick Stannus
Group Engineering Manager
A.G. Coombs Group
 09:50 AM 50 min Digital Transformation and Global Leadership Dr Andrew Maher
Chief Digital Officer
 10:40 AM 40 min Morning Tea and Networking
Exemplar BIM Project and Engaging Project Managers in BIM
11:20 AM 40 min Communication, Collaboration and Risk on an Exemplar
Australian BIM Project
Rodd Perey
 12:00 PM 50 min Engaging Project Managers in Complex Projects Paddy Ryan
GagaMuller Group
 12:50 PM 40 min Lunch and Networking  
Streamed Workshops 
 13:30 PM 60 min Stream A (Auditorium):
Design-To-Fabrication and Design-To-As Built with BIM-MEPAUS
Brendan Upton – A2K Technologies
Adrian Micucci – Irwinconsult
Ben Pfeiffer – DCM Services
Nathan Taylor – Hansen Yuncken
Dave Mangham – A2K Technologies
Stream B (Clarendon Room D):
Streamlining BIM Workflows With Leica Geosystems
Matt Rumbelow – C.R. Kennedy
Chris Johnson – C.R. Kennedy
Stream C (Clarendon Room E):
Driving Greater Digital Adoption and the Growth of a Paperless Jobsites
Tomy Praveen – PlanGrid
 14:30 PM 40 min Afternoon Tea and Networking  
Digital Transformation
 15:10 PM 50 min Post Heroic BIM Alain Waha
Co-founder and Digital Visionary
 16:00 PM 40 min Navigating the Digital Transformation Highway Steve Fox
BIM Consulting
International Industry Panel
16:40 PM 20 min Panel Discussion:
Global Trends From International Experts
Amanda Comunale – Victaulic
Alain Waha – Cogital
Paddy Ryan – GagaMuller Group
Dave Pikey – The Hill Group
Panel Moderator:
Rafik Abdelkaddous
Senior Territory Sales Manager ANZ
 17:00 PM 5 min Day one concluding remarks Sumit Oberoi
Executive Director
 17:05 PM Close Day one completed and networking drinks

Day Two

Time Duration  Sessions Presenter
Interactive Technical Sessions
08:00 AM 45 min Stream A (Clarendon Room D): Demonstration of the Latest Development with BIM-MEPAUS for Mechanical Consultants and Contractors
Stream B (Clarendon Room E): Demonstration of the Latest Development with BIM-MEPAUS for Electrical Consultants and Contractors
 08:25 AM 30 min Registration for Day Two Welcome
Welcome, Victorian Government Digital Strategy Leadership, Delivering Interconnected Value
08:55 AM 5 min Forum Welcome Shannon Thomas
Executive Manager BIM-MEPAUS
 9:00 AM 30 min Victorian Digital Asset Strategy Dr Collette Burke
Victorian Chief Engineer, Department of Treasury and Finance
The Victorian State Government
 9:30 AM 15 min Virtual Buildings Information Systems (VBIS) Update Carl Agar
Senior Consultant – Asset and Facilities
A.G. Coombs Advisory
 9:45 AM 10 min buildingSMART Update David Mitchell
Co Founder and Partner QSx Technologies
Chairperson buildingSMART Australasia
 9:55 AM 50 min From Custom Workflows to Business Intelligence: A Mechanical Perspective Dave Pikey
Vice President – Corporate Technology
The Hill Group
 10:45 AM 40 min Morning Tea and Networking
Effective Use of Technology in New Areas of Organisations
 11:25 AM 40 min Delivering Full BIM for Mechanical Contractors Matt Payne
Engineering Manager
PJM Engineering
 12:05 PM 50 min Humans + Data: The Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Conundrum Christopher DiIorio
Ian McGaw
Vice President of Technology and Innovation
 12:55 PM 40 min Lunch and Networking  
Leveraging Asset Data From a Common Data Environment
 13:35 PM 30 min The Holistic Data Environment and its Role in Digital Transformation Jared Cathcart
Senior Manager – Strategy and Consulting
Streamed Workshops
 14:05 PM 60 min Stream A (Auditorium):
Autodesk Plan Beyond 2020
Steve Butler – Autodesk
Martin Schmid – Autodesk
Stream B (Clarendon Room D):
The Future of Construction in a Connected Environment
Andrew Hill – A2K Technologies
15:05 PM 40 min Afternoon Tea and Networking  
Delivering on Industry and Project Needs
 15:45 PM 30 min BIM Models for Effective HVAC VR Training Experience Derek Olsen
Director of Industry Application and Training
Vrtual HVAC
Joel Hopson
Director | Creative and Technology
Vrtual HVAC
16:15 PM 30 min Setting a New Benchmark in Digital Handover Daniel Kalnins
Global Head of Digital
 16:45 PM 5 min  Day Two Concluding Remarks Sumit Oberoi
Executive Director
 16:50 PM Close Day Two Completed and Networking Drinks  


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